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Paradigm is the trusted IT partner in the Brussels-Capital Region that can be entrusted with any mission involving computer development, IT assistance, telematics, and cartography.

Paradigm is the public interest organisation driving digital transformation in the Brussels-Capital Region. In this capacity, it acts as an orchestrator of digital capabilities by developing greater coherence, pooling and cross-functionality, while accelerating the transition for the benefit of all.

In the exercise of these responsibilities, Paradigm plays a support role for the Minister responsible for IT and the Digital Transition, by providing ongoing input into the preparation of policies, thanks in particular to :

  • its authority on the digital transition of public institutions and the development of their working methods
  • its efforts to popularise new information and communication technologies (ICTs);
  • its in-depth knowledge and ongoing, vigilant observation of developments in ICT, including in relation to other federated entities and the European Union.

Paradigm's mandate

Paradigm's mandate may include in particular :

  • drawing up master plans, audits, advice and assistance with procurement;
  • staff training and assistance in IT and telematics;
  • making an inventory of the IT and telematics resources used by local authorities;
  • carrying out and monitoring IT, telematics, mapping and telecommunications projects;
  • the management, development, promotion and distribution of cartography;
  • providing information on the development of computer technologies useful for the development of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Paradigm is also authorised to manage and participate in research, development, demonstration and dissemination programmes with a view to

  • building up general expertise to serve its target audiences;
  • to promote the scientific and technological potential of the Brussels-Capital Region;
  • to coordinate regional action within the programmes and activities of the European Union and at federal and international level.

Paradigm brings together all the local and regional authorities around IT development projects, pooled infrastructure, telecommunications and the provision of human resources through the non-profit association IRISteam.

The Government may entrust Paradigm with other tasks, for which Paradigm may call on the human resources of IRISteam asbl.


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