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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of the Internet portal

Organisation of the Portal

This Internet portal “” (the "Portal") is an initiative of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region.

The Portal is managed by the CIRB(Paradigm)1

The CIRB (Paradigm) is a type A public interest organisation created under Article 27 of the Law of 21 August 1987 modifying the law organising agglomerations and federations of municipalities and containing the provisions for the Brussels Region. 

The administrations of the Brussels Region can upload content to the Portal. Currently, the following administrations are likely to upload content to the Portal (the "Participating Administrations").

Participating Administrations

The CIRB (Paradigm) grants you access to the Portal and the information it contains, on condition that you unreservedly accept the conditions stated on the present terms and conditions page. By visiting the Portal and the information contained therein, you accept these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions may be modified at any time.

1. "The CIRB (Paradigm) underwent a change of branding on 6/02/2023. Pending the adoption of the legal instrument that makes the changes to its name, the standard name used in this document is "CIRB (Paradigm)". The logo corresponding to the new name is affixed to this page".

Use of the Portal

The content of the Portal is provided to you solely for the purpose of providing general information about the Brussels-Capital Region.

The content of the Portal can only be used in the context of the services offered on the Portal and for your personal use. This Portal cannot be used as the basis for any evaluation of the CIRB (Paradigm) or the Participating Administrations and can in no event bind or be enforceable against the CIRB (Paradigm) or the Participating Administrations. Nothing on the Portal may be considered as an offer to buy or to provide services or to enter into a contract.

Users agree to use the Portal in accordance with the laws and legal and/or contractual notices. Users may not use it in any manner that would harm the interests of the CIRB (Paradigm) or the Participating Administrations, their suppliers and/or partners.

Guarantees and limitations of liability for the use of the Portal

As a rule, neither the CIRB (Paradigm) nor the Participating Administrations may, under any circumstances, be held liable for direct or indirect damage, or for any other damage of any kind whatsoever, resulting from the use of the Portal or the impossibility of using it for whatever reason, whether or not such liability is contractual, criminal or based on tort, or whether it is based strict liability or otherwise, even if the CIRB (Paradigm) has been warned of the possibility of such damage.


The Participating Administrations use all reasonable means to publish information on the Portal that is up to date, to the best of their knowledge. They do not, however, guarantee the adequacy, accuracy or completeness of such information or that the Portal will always be complete and up to date in all respects. The information contained on the Portal may include inaccurate content, technical discrepancies or typing errors. This information is provided for reference purposes only and will be amended on a periodic basis. The Participating Administrations may, at any time and without prior notice, decide to make improvements and/or amendments to the content of this Portal.

Use of this Portal, and consequently of the information obtained or elements downloaded while using the service, shall take place at the sole responsibility of the user. The CIRB (Paradigm) and the Participating Administrations decline all liability for any damage that may result from the use of the information contained on the Portal.

The user further acknowledges that they are solely responsible for any damage to their computer system or loss of data resulting from the downloading of any content.

Accessing the Portal

The Portal is a service provided on an "as is" basis and will be accessible according to its availability. The CIRB (Paradigm) cannot guarantee that the service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free, that the results obtained when using the service will be accurate and/or reliable, or that defects in the software used, if any, will be corrected.

The Portal contains hyperlinks to other websites and references to other sources of information, which are provided for information purposes only. The CIRB (Paradigm) does not control these sites nor the information contained therein, and cannot therefore offer any guarantee as to the quality and/or completeness of this information. The CIRB (Paradigm) declines all responsibility for any inappropriate, illegitimate or illegal content present on the hyperlinks, as well as for any damage that may result from viewing them.

Likewise, the information uploaded by the Participating Administrations may contain hypertext links to other websites as well as references to other sources of information that are not controlled by the Participating Administrations. In this case, the Participating Administrations can offer no guarantees as to the quality and/or exhaustive nature of this information. The Participating Administrations decline all responsibility for any inappropriate, illegitimate or illegal content present on the hyperlinks, as well as for any damage that may result from viewing them.

Actions of Internet users

Neither the CIRB (Paradigm) nor the Participating Administrations can in any way be held responsible for the actions of Internet users.

Intellectual property rights

All rights, including copyright and other intellectual property rights on the Portal (excluding content uploaded by the Participating Administrations), belong to the CIRB (Paradigm).

The Participating Administrations own: (i) all the rights, including copyright and other intellectual property rights, to the content they upload to the Portal or; (ii) the rights and authorisations necessary to upload this content. 

Unless expressly authorised in this respect, users may not, under any circumstances, copy, reproduce, translate, represent, modify, transmit, publish, adapt, distribute, disseminate, license, transfer or sell, on any medium whatsoever, by any means whatsoever, or exploit in any way whatsoever, all or part of this Portal without the prior written authorisation of the CIRB (Paradigm) and/or the relevant Participating Administrations. Any infringement of this provision may lead to civil and criminal proceedings.

Dispute resolution, jurisdiction and applicable law

These terms and conditions are governed by Belgian law. Any dispute arising from or relating to the use of the Portal shall first be settled by conciliation. If this is unsuccessful, the dispute will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district of Brussels (Belgium).

A printed version of this agreement and any notice of default issued in electronic form shall be accepted in any judicial or administrative proceedings arising from or relating to this agreement, on the same basis and under the same conditions as other business documents and records created and stored in printed form.