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Paradigm launches a digital transformation service following success with Brussels Environment

Paradigm will launch a digital transformation support service in 2024, aimed at helping the Brussels Capital Region's administrations to create their digital transformation pathways, while at the same time forming part of a regional approach to the pooling and reuse of resources (POD IT programme).

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Co-constructed by Paradigm and Bruxelles Environnement- Leefmilieu Brussel, this consultancy service covers all the crucial phases of digital transformation, which is a major challenge for organisations.

A long-standing partner of Paradigm, "Brussels Environment has undergone an ambitious digital transformation to become an open and innovative administration. Its [our] strategy is based on the development of a solid enterprise architecture. We have successfully launched this process in partnership with Paradigm, focusing on key areas such as permits, buildings, subsidies and animal welfare," says Barbara Dewulf, Deputy Director of Brussels Environment. 

As such, Paradigm's teams, in collaboration with their local contacts, were able to adapt to the complexity of the existing situation, the high business stakes and the different projects involved. They were able to define a roadmap for the digital transformation of Brussels Environment, together with prioritisation tools such as impact studies, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Barbara Dewulf adds that, "our collaboration with Paradigm goes beyond our [its] borders. We share our progress via the regional modelling platform, demonstrating our commitment to a collective approach. The 2023 study also inspired the development of an Enterprise Architecture service at Paradigm, aimed at other institutions." 

The digital transformation of public services is a major challenge for organisations and administrations and requires a global approach to business processes, tools and technologies. This new service fully positions Paradigm as the digital orchestrator of the Brussels Capital Region.

Barbara Dewulf asserts that, "the partnership with Paradigm is not just an internal success, but a catalyst for regional digital transformation. Brussels Environment is convinced that this experience will benefit the entire institutional community, paving the way for a more connected and innovative region."

Marc Van den Bossche, Paradigm's Deputy Senior General Manager, adds, "Working fully together on this mission has further strengthened the established and constructive collaboration between Brussels Environment and Paradigm. We are therefore using this as an example for all our future collaborations with the region's institutions and local authorities."

Nicolas Locoge, Paradigm's Director General, concludes, "Brussels Environment's clear vision and open, innovative approach have been inspirational drivers for our collaboration. I am proud to see that our teams' response, which focused on the specific needs of this institution, has borne fruit. The idea that our partnership with Brussels Environment could also benefit other institutions is particularly gratifying. The Enterprise Architecture service we are developing is a concrete expression of this objective, aiming to extend the benefits of our experience beyond the initial boundaries."