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805,000 requests made on IRISbox in 2023

Birth certificates, household composition documents, requests for premiums... IRISbox, the electronic one-stop-shop for the Brussels Region, enables citizens to carry out a range of administrative procedures online. In 2023, the platform recorded 805,000 requests from Brussels' residents and businesses.

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IRISbox is the Brussels Region's online platform offering regional and local services 24/7. It not only reduces the number of visitors to administrative offices in Brussels, but also speeds up the processing times and delivery of documents.

In 2023, IRISbox recorded 576,075 users, including 17,265 companies. Together, they carried out 805,000 administrative procedures, up 12% on 2022. IRISbox provides access to 340 procedures. The most commonly requested formality is still household composition, but this is followed by two procedures that are new additions to the platform: criminal records extracts and the Renolution grant.    

To continue making the lives of Brussels residents easier, the platform is improved each year with the addition of new procedures. In 2024, it will be possible to register rental leases and declare mandates. 

The people of Brussels are using IRISbox more and more, and so much the better. IRISbox fits in perfectly with Digital Brussels, making administration simpler and more modern, efficient and accessible, comments Bernard Clerfayt, Brussels Minister in charge of the Digital Transition and Administrative Simplification.

In terms of the medium chosen to carry out these online procedures, 50% of users connected on a computer, 49% on a smartphone, and 1% on a tablet.