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Paradigm reinvents the Regional Open Data Portal: developments and new experiences

Paradigm has just unveiled the latest iteration of Datastore, the regional open data portal. This platform promotes access to and the sharing of data and services in the Brussels-Capital Region to meet the needs of both data producers and users. The aim is to enable them to explore and freely reuse the available regional data and services.

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The latest update, successfully deployed by Paradigm's teams, incorporates a number of improvements in terms of user experience (UX) and design, simplifying URL identification for developers, for example.

A more accessible and intuitive portal

The DatastoreOpens in new windowExternal link portal originally referenced data opened up by Brussels administrations to third parties, such as scientists, companies or other administrations. The Open Data Ordinance of 2017 broadened the scope of the portal, so that it now includes budget and public procurement data.

The new version of Datastore greatly simplifies the search for listed data. The user interface has been redesigned for greater intuitiveness and accessibility, with data now classified by theme and keywords, making it easier to explore.

An ever-evolving portal

Paradigm's teams plan to continue developing Datastore over the coming months. In particular, the goal is to significantly broaden the scope of the portal by integrating more public data. All this while improving data quality and the associated level of documentation.

Nicolas Locoge and Marc Van den Bossche, Paradigm's General Manager and Deputy General Manager respectively, praised the work of the teams who successfully met the challenge of development and deployment.