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Paradigm supporting' digital transformation

In September 2018, the Brussels-Capital Region approved the very first Regional Training Plan (RTP), designed to meet the training needs of the key sectors of safety, prevention and rescue.

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These sectors include the police, fire brigade, emergency medical services and the prevention & security pillar of public administration. This RTP was part of the Global Security and Prevention Plan (GSPP), formerly drawn up by Brussels Prevention and Security (BPS), now

Following on from this work, in 2020 the Region embarked on the creation of a safety campus to centralise, harmonise and digitise all the training courses offered by the 4 schools. Every year, welcomes more than 50,000 people from all the professions that contribute to making the Brussels Region even safer on a daily basis, including firefighters, police, rescue workers and ambulance drivers, and public administration workers such as law enforcement officers, mediators and others.

Right from the outset, Paradigm was asked to guide the digital transformation of this campus.

Innovative solutions for a digital training offering and server-less infrastructure

The major challenge for Paradigm was to pool the management tools while enabling training staff to reappropriate these tools and their features in line with the defined IT boundaries. At the same time, became Paradigm's first customer to opt for an entirely server-less infrastructure, demonstrating remarkable efficiency in terms of maintenance and cost reduction. This decision was taken following an in-depth analysis covering the deployment of specific services and the implementation of advanced information security solutions.

For its part, is continuing to invest in cutting-edge technologies. Paradigm is actively involved in implementing these new technologies, providing feasibility analyses, advice on their integration and recommendations on long-term maintenance.

This productive collaboration contributes to enhancing the quality of training programmes in the fields of safety, prevention and rescue, for the benefit of the Brussels-Capital Region's citizens.

Paradigm is proud to support in its digital transformation. 

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