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Brussels Capital-Region - Homepage

Regional competences

In Belgium the regions have a degree of autonomy and are competent in a number of areas, particularly in economic and territorial matters.

Regional matters

Like the Walloon and Flemish Regions, the Brussels-Capital Region is the competent authority in:

The community commissions are competent authorities in such matters as culture, education, sport and citizen assistance on the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region.

The Brussels-Capital Region as capital

Given that Brussels is both the capital of Belgium and the seat of the European institutions, the Region works with the federal state in the following sectors:

The Brussels Agglomeration and provincial competences

The legislator also made the former Brussels Agglomeration (of the 19 communes) the competent authority in the following areas:

Additionally, the Region manages those matters for which the former Province of Brabant was the competent authority, specifically:

  • Drawing up jury lists for the Assise Court
  • Licensing regional raffles and checking gifts and bequests to the Red Cross et cetera

The policy of the Regional Government is implemented by the Brussels Regional Public Service, the Brussels Regional Public Service Taxation, Brussels Planning and Heritage, Bruxelles Fonction publique (BruFOP) (FR/NL), and the regional bodies.

Legal Framework

The Special Act of 9 August 1980 establishes the competences of the three Belgian regions, in application of article 107 quater, which was added to the Constitution in 1970.