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Brussels Local Authorities

Brussels Local Authorities serve as an intermediary between the Region and the municipalities, public centers for social welfare, police zones, and other local authorities within its territory.

The administration

Brussels Local Authorities serves as an intermediary between the Region and the municipalities, public centres for social welfare, police zones, and other local authorities within its jurisdiction.

The General Directorate encompasses the overarching and supportive services of Brussels Local Authorities:

  • The Administration Support Unit is responsible for management control, IT, human resources, communication, budgeting, and matters related to the international level. The Sorting Unit, on the other hand, handles the registration and distribution of incoming mail and the dispatch of outgoing mail.

The departments within BPB responsible for carrying out these tasks are divided into two major areas of competence:

  1. Organization, supervision, and advice.
  2. Support for government policy.

Organization, oversight, and advice

The so-called supervisory board oversees the legality and the public interest with respect to the Brussels local authorities. Additionally, it carries out other tasks.

  • coordinates the development of regulations and legislation for local authorities; 
  • manages the remaining tasks related to the old provincial system; 
  • contributes to the preparation and organization of municipal elections; 
  • manages registers and databases; handles disputes for the courts; 
  • ensures the publication of municipal regulations; 
  • processes requests for the recognition of religious communities.

The Local Personnel Directorate

Tasks and missions of the Local Personnel Directorate: 

  • monitors decisions regarding personnel made by municipalities and public welfare centers (OCMWs); 
  • oversees the organic rules concerning the status of personnel in intercommunales; 
  • exercises oversight over decisions regarding the organization and personnel management of local police; 
  • tracks union negotiations; 
  • handles cases related to the awarding of civil honors and distinctions to municipal personnel and elected officials.

The Local Finance Directorate

The Local Finance Directorate 

  • receives and examines the financial documents from all local authorities, 
  • prepares regular analyses, comments, and proposals based on these documents, 
  • participates in various regional and non-regional working groups, 
  • contributes to the activities of the Common Accounting Committee, and 
  • is responsible for drafting circulars that provide local authorities with accounting and financial instructions.

The Local Government Contracts Directorate

  • oversees the actions of local authorities in public procurement and concession agreements, 
  • provides advice, information, and training, and also 
  • participates in technical working groups at various government levels. 
  • It contributes to the reform of regulations, including the Commission for Public Procurement.

Support for Government Policy

Brussels Local Authorities assists in managing the subsidies awarded to boost regional policy initiatives.

The Direction Investeringen

This service allocates subsidies to finance government investments, ranging from sports infrastructure and road redevelopment to the renovation of municipal buildings. It is also responsible for compensation in the event of general disasters.

The Subsidized Initiatives Directorate

The main task of the Subsidized Initiatives Directorate is to manage optional subsidies, specifically those granted to local authorities and non-profit organizations as part of the implementation of regional policies (such as salary increases, equal opportunities, etc.). 

This service also includes the unit that monitors equal opportunity policies within local authorities.