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Brussels Capital-Region - Homepage is the regional reference centre of expertise for regional and territorial development in Brussels.

Statistics, thematic analyses and observations of the territory allow the definition, development and evaluation of regional and territorial strategies.

This institution of public utility was created by the Order of 29 July 2015 of the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region, under the official name: Brussels Planning Office. The institution currently employs some 160 people.

With its accurate and relevant analyses, Perspective helps guide the government's thinking and the debate with citizens.

As initiator of the development strategy of the Brussels territory, Perspective proposes integrated and forward-looking solutions to build the Region of tomorrow.

Perspective provides the expertise the Brussels Region needs to identify its assets and develop them in a sustainable way in the future.
Thus, the institution aims to:

  • feed public debate and reflection;
  • respond to the needs of Brussels residents and improve the quality of life in the Brussels Region.

There are 6 basic missions:

  1. Collect, develop, process and generate territorial and socio-economic data.
  2. Conduct analyses, make evaluations and develop multidisciplinary expertise.
  3. Disseminate knowledge, inform, network, stimulate public debate and citizen participation, and raise awareness of socio-economic and territorial issues.
  4. Lay out a vision for territorial development and help implement it through urban projects.
  5. Support projects that contribute to the Region's development.
  6. Representing the Region at metropolitan, national, European and international levels.

To fulfil its missions, Perspective has several main departments in addition to its General Directorate:

  • the Brussels Institute for Statistics and Analysis (BISA),
  • the Territorial Knowledge Department
  • the Territorial Strategy Department,
  • the School and Student Life Service,
  • the Transversal Department. 

The General Directorate of Perspective also includes the International Unit, the LabCom (comprising PerspectiveLab and the Communication Unit) and the Project Management Office (S-PMO). 
The Strategy Department also provides the permanent secretariat for the Regional Development Committee (CRD).