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Homegrade is the private housing advice and support centre in the Brussels-Capital Region. It is intended for all individuals - tenants, owners or co-owners - wanting to improve their quality of life in their home and reduce its environmental impact.

In the Brussels Region, the residential sector is responsible for 40% of total energy consumption. All citizens can therefore contribute to a significant reduction in their environmental impact by renovating their homes. To obtain help, they can contact Homegrade free of charge, which will guide and stimulate them towards responsible use and renovation of their homes.

As a privileged contact point for all Brussels renovators, Homegrade is a key player in Opens in new windowthe Renolution Strategy. It is supported by Opens in new windowBrussels Environment, Opens in new windowUrban and the Opens in new windowBrussels-Capital Region.

Why call upon Homegrade advisors?

Homegrade informs and advises you on:

  • Building components and technical equipment (photovoltaic solar panels, boiler, ventilation, rainwater tanks, etc.) in order to optimise their use and energy performance
  • Acoustics, energy, insulation, renting, heritage, small co-ownerships, urban planning and everyday actions
  • Renolution premiums and credits

Homegrade accompanies you, step by step, in your renovation project:

  • Prioritisation of work
  • Technical advice and help in choosing materials
  • Applications for permits without an architect
  • Quotation analysis
  • Expertise in acoustics and heritage
  • Preparation of premium application files

For a more local presence, contact the Réseau Habitat

Homegrade and the Réseau Habitat are two complementary structures that share a common objective. The Réseau Habitat differs in that it is more locally based. It brings together nine Brussels associations which are active in urban renewal and in supporting the resident’s participation in the revitalization of their neighbourhood. It is close to the inhabitants and their socio-economic reality.

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