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Regional Public Service Brussels

The Regional Public Service Brussels (SPRB/GOB) is the principal instrument of the Brussels Government in the implementation of its policies, which are prepared and executed in a coherent, efficient, and transparent manner.

Our commitments

Getting around using public transport, bicycle, or car, working, renovating your home, making use of high-quality public spaces, or even starting a business... as the Regional Public Service Brussels, it's our mission to assist you in these endeavours.

We are at your service with nearly 1,600 employees in 8 administrations. Leveraging our expertise, we aim to provide you with quality service, whether you are a citizen, entrepreneur, or an employee of a non-profit organization or government institution. We do this in the context of sustainable development and in accordance with the values of public service

Our missions

Our missions encompass all stakeholders in the social life of Brussels: citizens, employees, businesses, associations, and authorities. What do we exactly do?

  • Develop a sustainable economy and employment.
  • Plan the public spaces and manage mobility infrastructure and real estate heritage.
  • Ensure quality housing for everyone.
  • Manage and organize the oversight of public finances.
  • Organize, advise, and finance local governments.
  • Effectively represent GOB in national, European, and international institutions and fulfil Brussels' role as the capital of Europe.
  • Ensure overall coherence in our operations, coordinate our actions and services to support the administrations in their tasks through logistics and IT support, as well as an appropriate human resources policy.

Strategic plan 2021-2026

Building a sustainable future together: that is the challenge we fully embrace with our strategic multi-year plan. By executing it, we commit to working towards a continuous improvement in the quality, performance, and good governance within our Brussels Regional Public Service, for the benefit of our users.

The plan, named 'Building a Sustainable Future Together,' aims to serve the interests of the citizens and the economic and social actors of the Brussels-Capital Region as effectively as possible.

Consult the strategic plan 2021-2026


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