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The budget of the Brussels Capital Region

How are the public finances of the Brussels-Capital Region organised? How are the various budgets composed, and who checks whether the budgets are managed properly? An insight into the financial kitchen of your Region.

Budget as a management and control tool

Every year your regional government draws up a new budget: it estimates what income it can count on and what expenditure it wants or needs to incur the following year. This budget is essential for efficient financial management: it ensures that the Brussels-Capital Region plans its financial resources, sets goals, makes decisions and monitors the financial balance. 

At the same time, the budget provides a framework for accountability and transparency. Thus, the budget gives citizens, the Parliament and all public institutions an insight into the policy programme pursued by the Regional Government and the financial resources it allocates to it.

Who is responsible for the budget?

Drawing up the budget is the exclusive responsibility of the executive: the Regional Government. This is because it is in charge of managing the Regional Entity and needs financial resources and appropriations to do so. However, it is the Brussels Parliament that finally approves and enacts the budget.

Find out all about the regional budget and how it is drawn up, applied and controlled below.

Getting around your Region's budget