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Taking your retirement

The retirement age in Belgium is generally 65 or 60 if you have spent 35 years in full-time work. You can take early retirement in some circumstances.
Pensions are governed by federal laws. The central administration of the 'Service fédéral des Pensions' provides full information on pensions.

'Service fédéral des Pensions'

Tour du Midi
Esplanade de l'Europe 1, 1060 Brussels
Free number (in Belgium): 1765
Online: (FR/NL)

In the event of problems:

If you experience a problem with your pension, are in dispute with or have a complaint against a service, you can contact the Office of the Pensions Ombudsman, which has been established to give all citizens objective support with regard to pensions.

Visit for more information

Early retirement

Some private sector workers can take early retirement.

For more information on early retirement (FR/NL), contact the National Employment Agency (Onem).

Full-time workers who have reached a certain age can go part-time and take part-time early retirement.

Life goes on

Life goes on after your retirement of course. Some people even get a new lease of life. For suggestions on how to spend your time, see the Brussels for senior citizens pages elsewhere on this website. See our Health & Safety pages for more practical information for senior citizens.

Who to contact

  • Service fédéral des Pensions
    Tour du Midi
    Esplanade de l'Europe 1, 1060 Brussels
    Free number (in Belgium): 1765
    Online:> (FR/NL)
  • Institut national d'assurances sociales pour travailleurs indépendants (INASTI)
    Boulevard de Waterloo 77, 1000 Brussels
    Phone: +32 (0)2 546 44 24 or +32 (0)2 546 44 27
    Online: (FR/NL)
  • National Employment Agency (ONEM) - Brussels branch
    Place Marcel Broodthaers 4, 1060 Brussels
    Phone: +32 (0)2 542 16 11
    Online: (FR/NL/DE)


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