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Registering as a jobseeker

This registration is required if you want to receive unemployment benefits. It is possible to register as a 'free" job seeker (without benefits) to be able to benefit from Actiris services. When you complete your studies and you don’t have a job to go to you should register with Actiris as a jobseeker. Registration is not compulsory, but it is strongly recommended.

Why register

By registering as a jobseeker, you show that you are available for work. Opens in new windowActiris works with you to put together a job search plan (FR/NL).

Depending on how long you have been in work you may be entitled to unemployment benefit. If you’ve just left school you are only entitled to benefit at the end of a qualifying period (called the professional integration internship), which starts when you register as a jobseeker. This is another reason to register quickly.

See the ONEM’s (National Employment Agency) website for more information External linkunemployment benefit (FR/NL).

How to register

You can register as a jobseeker on the External link. You can also visit one of the Actiris branches in person. Be sure to take along your ID and a copy of your certificates.