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A job in Brussels

As a jobseeker, you have plenty of options. You will, however, first have to think about what you like doing. Several bodies can help you with this. Once you’ve done that you can start looking for a job that suits you.

  • There are many different types of work. As well as a very wide variety of occupations, there is also a large number of...

  • This registration is required if you want to receive unemployment benefits. It is possible to register as a 'free" job...

  • If you are jobseeker or someone in work looking for a new challenge in Brussels, the 'Missions locales' (for French...

  • We spend a large part of our time at work, which means that good employment conditions are very important. The specific...

  • Before you can even begin looking for a job, you need to know what you want to do. Various organisations can help you...

Seek and you will find

There are many types of work. In addition to a wide variety of professional activities you also have the choice of various legal forms, each with their own advantages. See below for a brief survey.

External linkActiris is the employment agency for the Brussels-Capital Region. Register as a jobseeker with Actiris. The Actiris advisors will help you find the job that suits you best. There are also a lot of other options to find a job.

Hiring assistance and programmes

The Local job centres (Missions Locales for French speakers and Werkwinkels for Dutch speakers) help residents of Brussels with little in the way of the qualifications demanded by the market. A number of pages in this section point the way to jobs and vocational training opportunities.

When you find work

First of all, congratulations. Do remember that various rights and duties go with a job. A brief survey of the general employment conditions in Belgium are presented here.

If you have any questions about work, get in touch with the competent bodies, who will be able to help you further.