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Working in the public sector

The public sector comprises all public services, public institutions and public education. A lot of official bodies and authorities are based in the Brussels-Capital Region, which means there are a whole host of public sector jobs too. All told, around 10 % of the working population are employed in the public sector.

Contract or statute

In the public sector you can be engaged on the basis of a contract or a statute.

  • Contractual employees are comparable to private sector employees. Their relationship with their employer is based on an open-ended or fixed-term employment contract.
  • Candidates who pass the official selection process (with an examination) can be appointed on the basis of the statute. This means that their relationship with their employer is not based on an employment contract but on the statute imposed by the authorities.

These public officials are covered by a separate social security system.

Follow the guide

Public services regulate almost every aspect of society. For a rundown of the areas of competence of the various authoritiesExternal link External linksee If you would like to work for a public service, follow the links below.

At communal level

There is a list of all communal services and any vacancies on the individual websites of the communes of the Brussels-Capital Region.

At regional level

  • A Brussels public jobs portal
    The External linkportal is your gateway to a host of exciting jobs in the Brussels civil service!
  • You can also visit the websites of the regional bodies to read more about what they do, what their areas of competence are and browse any vacancies.

At community level

At federal level

  • SelorExternal link (FR/NL) is the selection agency for jobs in federal, regional and community administrations and institutions.

At international level

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