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Working while you study

If you are looking for a little extra money while you study, it’s worth remembering that all full-time students aged 15 or over are entitled to take a student job. This type of work is subject to a number of conditions.

Clear agreements

Student jobs are obviously only open to properly enrolled full-time students.

Employer and student need to sign an open-ended employment contract in writing before the student can start working. The contract has to define the duties and state the start and end dates of the contract, as well as the number of hours per day and per week, the wages and the date on which it will be paid.

A normal workday lasts about eight hours. By law the maximum workweek is 38 hours, but there are exceptions (for the hospitality industry for instance). The rules are even stricter for the under 18s. The (age-based) minimum wages also apply to jobbing students.

How to find a student job

Generally speaking, jobbing students are recruited at source: at their universities and colleges. Keep an eye on the notice board or contact your school’s social services department.

Temporary employment agencies often have student jobs on offer too.

Some organisations are a source of jobs for students:

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