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Brussels Housing

Brussels Housing's mission is to enhance access to high-quality housing for all.

Bruxelles Logement is committed to acting as a catalyst for a sustainable and forward-looking housing policy, working collaboratively with all stakeholders.

Bruxelles Logement translated this vision into action through:

  1. enhancing housing accessibility.
  2. elevating housing quality.
  3. providing support to partners.

The activities of Bruxelles Logement :

  • Supporting the decisions of the Regional Government in implementing its housing policy
  • Granting financial aid (allowances) to individuals under certain conditions
  • Detecting and combating unoccupied housing, substandard housing and discrimination
  • Informing all audiences about housing-related issues in Brussels
  • Subsidising certain housing stakeholders such as associations
  • Guaranteeing compliance with the standards set by the Brussels Housing Code.

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