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How do you send your invoices to administrations?

How do you send your invoices?

Here you'll find a list of contact details for the main regional and local administrations where you can send your electronic invoices.

Your invoices must be sent in XML format and sent directly to your customer via the Peppol network

Please note: invoices sent by email and/or in other formats (pdf, xls, etc.), are not considered electronic invoices and cannot be accepted by the administration.

There are several ways to send your electronic invoices, depending on your invoicing system:

You have an ERP system

If you issue a lot of invoices, you probably already have an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. If your ERP does not yet allow invoices to be sent via PEPPOL, you must change your ERP via your access point.

You can find more information in our guide to electronic invoicing.

You use an accounting and invoicing software

Ask your supplier or check on the internet if your invoicing software allows the sending of electronic invoices via the Peppol network, and find out how to proceed. 

Does your software not support invoicing via the Peppol network?

You have two options: 

You do not use an accounting or invoicing software

If you do not send many invoices to public administrations, you can encode your invoices manually (and free of charge) using the Mercurius portal:

To access the portal and send your invoices, follow the steps below or watch our explanatory videoExternal link.

  1. Click here to access the Mercurius portalExternal link
  2. Log in to the portal:

Are you the legal representative of your company? 

Yes: you should then have direct access to the Mercurius portal by default.

No: request access via the "Role Request"External link online form available on the portal

Would you like more information on how to access the Mercurius portal? 
Click hereExternal link or contact the Mercurius helpdeskExternal link directly. 

      3. Encode your invoice in Mercurius

Once you've logged in, you can manually enter the different fields of your invoice (customer details, invoice number, due date, etc.) and attach an appendix (PDF, Word, etc.). 

Click "Send" and your invoice will automatically be sent to your customer in electronic format. 

      4. Check the status of your invoice

For all information about the status of your invoice, go to the Mercurius help pageExternal link or contact your customer's accounting department directly.  

Need help?

Do you have a question about the Mercurius portal, how to access it or how to enter an invoice
The Mercurius HelpdeskExternal link is there to guide you.

Do you have a question about the status of your invoice or paying your invoice
Your customer's accounting department will be best placed to advise you.

Do you have a question about electronic invoicing

We invite you to consult our guide on electronic invoicing

or to contact our team