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Long-term actions

Electronic invoicing

Switch to electronic invoicing! E-invoicing is becoming the norm for public procurement by regional and local authorities. This structured and secure system simplifies and optimises the administrative life of public services, as well as suppliers, whether self-employed, SMEs or large companies.

  • In the Brussels Capital Region, electronic invoicing is gradually being imposed for public procurement contracts with...


Public service employees now have to deal with the tools and challenges of administrative simplification. offers free training and awareness-raising programmes to help them strengthen their digital skills and provide users with a high-quality public service and support.

  • offers training and awareness-raising programmes for regional and local administrations. The aim of these...

Once Only

Thanks to the Once Only principle, Brussels administrations will no longer ask you for information that they can access via data from authentic sources. Once you have provided us with information, it becomes accessible to all government departments. This saves you precious time when it comes to future procedures!

Regional Web strategy

Navigating through the many government websites is not always easy. That's why the regional web strategy aims to simplify the public digital landscape by reducing the number of sites and making them clearer and more coherent. So that everyone can easily find the information they need.

Catalogue of administrative procedures

How do I go about certain administrative procedures? Which department should I contact for a particular matter? The catalogue of administrative procedures allows you to find the information and services you need by centralising and summarising all administrative information on a single portal. 

Virtual counters

The virtual counter allows citizens and businesses to carry out their administrative formalities whenever and wherever they wish, thanks to online access to various services such as Tax-on-web, for example, which allows you to file your tax return remotely. No more imposed opening hours, no more unnecessary travel, this practical solution saves you time and makes the administrative experience more comfortable for everyone.

Digital inclusion

The digital transition is a good thing, but not for everyone. While technology can save time and money for many regional authority users, it can also be an obstacle for others. A whole series of initiatives are therefore being put in place to support users who are unfamiliar with or have limited access to these new technologies.

Electronic signature

Scanned signatures, voice or digital recognition and other bank card codes simplify and speed up administrative procedures by enabling you to sign your official documents remotely, in an ultra-secure way. But to make them an everyday asset, you need to understand the different types of electronic signature, and when and how to use them.

Open Data

Did you know that almost all information relating to the city, its services, its facilities, its population, its economy, its environment... exists in the form of digital data? Open Data gives free access to this data. This is a valuable asset for public institutions, but also for researchers, the press, businesses and citizens.