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Training for administrations offers training and awareness-raising programmes for regional and local administrations. The aim of these programmes is to help public servants master the tools and challenges of administrative simplification, strengthen their digital skills, and provide users with high-quality public service and support.

Training courses offered offers three types of training courses for administrations, completely free of charge

  • Training courses organised partly in collaboration with the Regional School of Public Administration (ERAP), aimed at local or regional administrations
  • Specific training courses on request
  • Internal training courses within the Brussels Regional Public Service

Find the list of available training courses below.

Training courses for local and regional administrations

  • Authenticating yourself online (FR/NL)

    Familiarise yourself with the various ways of logging on to the virtual counters of federal, regional or local public administrations. 

  • Electronic invoicing (FR/NL)

    Discover electronic invoicing, its legislative framework, the role of the administration and the communication material available to you to inform your suppliers. 

  • The IRISbox virtual counter (FR/NL)

    Learn all about the purpose, functions and use of IRISbox, the virtual counter for administrations in the Brussels Region. 

  • Digital inequalities (FR/NL)

    Discover the issues, learn how to support people in situations of digital inequality and identify the key players in digital inclusion. 

  • The Once Only principle (FR/NL)

    The Once Only principle means no longer asking a user for information that you can obtain from authentic sources. With this training course, you'll learn how to put this principle into practice in your job.

  • The new e-Procurement platform (FR/NL)

Learn how to use the new e-Procurement platform and its new functions to make your public procurement contracts simpler and more efficient. 

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Specific training courses on request

To meet the specific needs of administrations, also offers more specific training courses. 

This may involve adapting the training format to a larger group of public servants, or focusing on a particular theme.

Internal training within the Brussels Regional Public Service offers a series of training courses for public servants of the Brussels Regional Public Service. These training courses are organised via the BRPS's internal platform, and are therefore not accessible outside this framework.

Do you have any questions about our training courses?

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