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Brussels Capital-Region - Homepage is the Brussels agency tasked with simplifying administrative life for users. Since 2015, we have been working to facilitate relations between public services and citizens by reducing administrative burdens and improving the user experience.

Let's put a stop to administrative complexity

The agency strives to combat administrative complexity with the aim of streamlining and enhancing interactions between administrative bodies and users. A simplified administrative system translates to time and cost savings, improved transparency, and increased efficiency.

The agency's primary mission is to propagate the principles of administrative simplification across all institutions within the Brussels-Capital Region.

To accomplish this goal, relies on an Administrative Simplification Support Committee, comprising representatives from each of the Brussels regional authorities, along with members of the Brussels government.

The role of in 3 steps

Analyse, Measure employs a comprehensive array of analytical techniques to assess the administrative burdens borne by users of Brussels' public services while pinpointing areas of frustration.

Building upon these assessments, puts forth solutions aimed at streamlining administrative processes for users and enhancing their interactions with public administration.

Raising awareness, making it happen plays a key role in raising awareness among regional and local institutions in order to establish a sustainable approach to administrative simplification.

It informs administrations and local authorities about all aspects of administrative simplification, such as digital inclusion and the simplification of legal language. It then supports them in integrating these issues and implementing simplification projects within their structures.

Coordinate and improve structures

In addition to analysing situations and proposing solutions for improvement, is also responsible for monitoring the implementation of various measures to improve public services. It then produces an annual report which it sends to the Government. This report sets out the priorities and recommendations for action for the following year, taking into account the development of projects and the realities on the ground, which are likely to change from year to year.

Would you like to find out more about' mission and its achievements in the field of administrative simplification?

Download the latest annual report here (text in French)

Strategic plan for administrative simplification 2020-2025 has drawn up a plan setting out the main challenges and objectives to be pursued as part of the Brussels Government's administrative simplification strategy.

These challenges and objectives include the following:

  • Improving information and interaction with users through appropriate physical and digital reception facilities.
  • Limiting the proliferation of requests for data and other documents through better communication between administrations (thanks to the Once Only principle and Open Data).
  • Offering tools that encourage administrative simplification projects (for example, the eBox).
  • Supervising the roll-out of the digitalisation of services while ensuring that services are accessible to all (digital divide).

Consult the Easy Way plan (text in French)