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Brussels–Prevention & Security (BPS)

Brussels–Prevention & Security (BPS)

Through the Sixth State Reform the security architecture of the Brussels Region has been redesigned. Without having to change the powers and prerogatives of the different levels of power (federal or local), the main result of the Reform is that important prevention and security responsibilities are entrusted to the Brussels Region.

In order to carry out its tasks, the government of the Brussels-Capital Region decided to create a new public interest body (PIB) called: Brussels–Prevention & Security (BPS) created by the Order of 28 May 2015 (FR/NL) (published in the Belgian Official Gazette of 10/06/2015).

At regional level, the creation of BPS must permit the organisation of a centralised and overarching administration of security in Brussels as well as the development of a regional security policy equally based on devolved federal powers and on regional powers.

BPS plays a central role in coordinating the various regional prevention and security chain operators: it ensures consistency and complementarity by connecting them in areas for action such as civilian crisis management (police districts and civil protection), support to police training (Actiris, VDAB, Bruxelles Formation) and video protection (police districts, STIB, Mobiris, BRIC).

These policies aim both prevention and care of security matters in any broad spectrum field, in terms of both spatial planning, mobility or any other power affecting security and the sense of security in the Brussels Region.

As the central body for the matters concerned, Brussels–Prevention & Security is responsible for drafting the Global Security & Prevention Plan (GSPP) and coordinating its implementation through the measures taken by the competent authorities. The GSPP is structured around 10 topics, including polarisation and radicalisation, property offences, mobility and road safety, and crisis management and resilience.

For detailed information on the topics of the GSPP as well as all the news concerning this plan, please refer to the website (FR/NL).


Brussels-Prevention & Security (BPS)
Rue de Ligne 40, 1000 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)2 507 99 11
Fax: +32 (0)2 507 99 33
For more information:
Online: (FR/NL)