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Brussels Prevention & Security (BPS)

Brussels Prevention & Security (BPS)


Alongside its partners, Brussels Prevention & Security (BPS) has a twofold objective: to coordinate prevention and security within the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region and to help all the parties involved to ensure the security of Brussels’ residents and all those who visit the Region.

The Sixth State Reform and fundamentally the special law of 6 January 2014, redesigned the security architecture in the Brussels Region. Without affecting the competences and prerogatives of the different levels of power (federal or local), important responsibilities in the field of prevention and security are now entrusted to the Brussels Region.

In order to sustainably support the implementation of these new responsibilities, the Brussels Government has set up a new Public Interest Body (PIB) called Brussels Prevention & Security (BPS).
The objectives set forth for BPS are mainly to organise a centralised and transversal management of prevention and security in Brussels and to support the authorities in developing an integrated and comprehensive regional prevention and security policy based on both devolved federal competences and regional competences.
BPS plays a central role in the coordination of the different actors of the prevention and security chain at the Regional level: it ensures coherence and complementarity by linking these actors in different areas of action such as civilian crisis management (police districts and civilian protection services), support to police training (Actiris, VDAB, Bruxelles formation) and video protection (police districts, STIB, Mobiris, BRIC).
BPS’ policies aim for both prevention and the management of security issues in a wide range of areas, such as spatial planning, mobility and any other competence that has an impact on security and the feeling of safety in the Brussels Region.
As the central body for the matters at hand, Brussels Prevention & Security has been entrusted with the drafting of the Global Security and Prevention Plan (GSPP) and ensures the coordination of its implementation by reporting to the competent authorities regarding the measures implemented. The GSPP 2021-2024 is structured around 9 thematic areas, including polarisation and radicalisation, property infringement, mobility and road safety, as well as crisis management and resilience.
For detailed information about all the thematic areas of the GSPP and the latest news about the Plan, go to BPS’ website:


Brussels Prevention & Security (BPS)
Rue de Ligne 40, 1000 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)2 507 99 11
Fax: +32 (0)2 507 99 33
Online: (FR/NL)

Legal basis

Brussels Prevention & Security (BPS) was created by the Order of 28 May 2015 (FR/NL) (published in the Belgian Official Gazette of 10/06/2015)

Information updated on 12 January 2022


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