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How the Region participates in the decision-making of the EU

How the Brussels-Capital Region participates in the decision-making of the European Union
Like other authorities in Belgium, the Brussels-Capital Region has the power of legislation and as such it participates in European matters in four ways.

The four ways the Brussels-Capital Region participates at EU level:

Negotiation and approval in parliament of European treaties

Participation in the European decision-making process

The legal basis for this participation is as follows:

  • Article 203 of the EC Treaty permitting regional and community ministers to participate in the Coucil of the European Union
  • The cooperation agreement of 8 March 1994 between the federal state, the regions and the communities on the representation of Belgium in the Council of Ministers of the European Union to organise the participation of all levels of Belgian authority in the Council of the European Union and coordinate the Belgian positions

This cooperation agreement entails:

  • that every federated entity has a general delegation or a representation at the European Union within the Permanent Representation of Belgium at the European Union
  • the existence of intra-Belgian coordination mechanisms

Participation in the pre- and post-legislative process

Pre-legislative phase: the right of legislative initiative is held by the European Commission. To realise this, it takes in advice by means of advisory committees, multi-lateral meetings, consultations (green/white papers) in which the Brussels-Capital Region participates.

Post-legislative phase: as the guardian of the treaties, the European Commission ensures the application of European decisions and holds executive powers. Within this context, it surrounds itself with experts from the member states based on management committees and regulation committees in which the Brussels-Capital Region participates.

Transposition, application and implementation of the European decisions

The Brussels-Capital Region transposes the European directives into regional standards (ministerial and governmental orders) in areas in which it is the competent authority, notably environment, transport, competition and state assistance, energy, employment and the interior market.


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