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2025 Strategy

The Brussels 2025 Strategy.

Launched on the occasion of the Social Summit of October 2014, the Brussels 2025 Strategy, in accordance with the Brussels Regional Policy Statement, has a fourfold purpose:

  • Revitalise the economy of the Region to make Brussels the Belgian and European capital of enterprise and innovation and reverse the paradox of Brussels’ economy.
  • Ensure the future of the Region over the next 10 years by anticipating the effects of the Special Financing Act.
  • Decompartmentalise competences in order to better serve the citizens of Brussels and ensure coordinated implementation of regional and community policies.
  • Involve the socio-economic players at all stages of the process. 

This strategy is structured around two focuses:

  • A focus around the objectives pursued at the regional level.
  • A focus around the objectives pursued in collaboration with the Communities

Both focuses taken together include the 18 major objectives, organised into more than 160 projects

These 18 major objectives will be implemented according to three time scales:

  • By 2025, in order to target an ambitious time scale that looks beyond the electoral term of office.
  • At the scale of the legislature, in order to plan the implementation of the commitments over the term of the legislature and be able to assess the results after 5 years.
  • Annually, through the Social Summits at the beginning of the year in order to determine the priorities of the year ahead and to ensure regular monitoring of the implementation of all the parts of the Strategy.

All information is available at the following address: (FR/NL)