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Psychiatric care

Psychiatric care and support structures in the Brussels-Capital Region
Various types of care and structures are available to people who require assistance or support for psychiatric reasons in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Plate-forme de Concertation pour la Santé Mentale

In the Brussels-Capital Region, the Plate-forme de Concertation pour la Santé Mentale is an association established on the initiative of Brussels and cross-Community psychiatric institutions and services for French and Dutch speakers. It aims to promote and organise dialogue between psychiatric institutions and services active in the Brussels-Capital Region, in the interest of inhabitants. It lists psychiatric departments of general hospitals, sheltered housing initiatives and psychiatric care centres, among other things.

Psychiatric hospitals

The specialised psychiatric services are listed on the website of the Belgian Association of Hospitals.

On the website of the Common Community Commission you can search for a psychiatric service in Brussels (FR/NL) by name, commune or department.

For French speakers

On the website of the French Community Commission (COCOF) you will find in the section about well-being and health the mental health services (FR).

For Dutch speakers

On (NL) you can take a test and read mental help advice.

  • Plate-forme de Concertation pour la Santé Mentale en Région de Bruxelles-Capitale asbl
    Rue de l'Association, 15, 1000 Brussels
    Phone: +32 (0)2 289 09 60
    Online: (FR/NL)
  • Bruxelles Social en ligne is another rich source of information on medical and social matters, including mental health and psychiatric care: (FR/NL).


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