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Assistance for senior citizens

Assistance services for senior citizens in the Brussels-Capital Region: home care, remote care…
As long as you are able to live at home on your own you can also rely on the assistance of a range of home help services, including medical and paramedical care, social assistance and material support. Services can be provided on a regular or occasional basis.

Type of services

  • Home helps are available to assist you with cleaning, washing and doing the dishes in the home.
  • You can also get help with various daily chores, like shopping, preparing meals and administrative tasks.

See Bruxelles Social en ligne (FR/NL) for a full list of services.

On the website of the Common Community Commission you can search for a home help service in Brussels (FR/NL) by name or commune.

For French speakers

Information on home help and other services (FR) is posted on the website of the COCOF (French Community Commission).

For Dutch speakers

  • The non-profit association Kenniscenrtrum W(elzijn) W(onen) Z(org) aims for better welfare, new forms of housing and affordable care for all Brussels citizens, especially for vulnerable people.
    On its website you can find information about assistance services to senior citizens (NL).
  • Brussels Overleg Thuislozenzorg, one of the Brusselse Welzijns en –gezondheidsRaad’s consultative bodies, provides a general survey of home assistance facilities and care services for Dutch speakers (NL)home assistance facilities and care services for Dutch speakers.

Information on home care and remote care is also provided on the health and safety pages of this website.

ParkingPlus, a citizens’ initiative to facilitate home care

By putting a ParkingPlus sticker on your garage door, you allow care providers to park in front of your home during their care-related visit, provided they have a ParkingPlus card for their car. If you do need to use your car while they are parked, simply call the mobile number on their card. The scheme is great for care providers, who save time, and for the clients who need their help. Providers and residents can register at the ParkingPlus website (FR/NL).


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