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The Brussels-Capital Region is now home to more than 47,000 infants aged 0-3 years. And the birth rate is rising: according to projections the Region will be home to more than 56,000 children under 3 in 2018. Infants are therefore an important factor in our care and reception policies.

The main authorities responsible for everything from birth formalities to the first steps young children take in life and the various procedures to be followed are covered in this section:

  • It’s here at last! After nine months, your baby has finally arrived. Congratulations! But with the arrival of a child...

The infant population of Brussels (0-3 years) will grow by 9,000 or 18.6 % by 2018 (from 47,440 to 56,254 infants). In response to this increased birth rate, the Brussels Government implemented a new 'Crèche Plan' in May 2010. Based on the previous plan in place since 2007, the new Crèche Plan targets the establishment of 571 new crèche places annually.