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Meet Trigrr

Trigrr simplifies commercial building management.

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This year, Orange has teamed up with IRISnet and Paradigm for the sixth "Opens in new windowOrange Fab" accelerator focused on the Smart City. The aim To make public buildings smarter and more environmentally friendly, while preserving user comfort. Three startups won the Pitch Contest in September and have joined the Orange Fab community until March 2024. After introducing Opens in new windowBuiltwins, let's meet Trigrr.

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In a world where a multitude of complex technologies coexist in the same building, Opens in new windowTrigrr stands out for its ability to bring all the controls and data from these disparate technologies together within a global system. This approach enables automation and the creation of customised scenarios that improve occupant comfort and building efficiency. The solution also provides essential information to building managers, notably on energy consumption, thus enabling efficient optimisation.

The Trigrr solution also offers end-users the ability to control all the technologies present in a building, from lighting systems to air conditioning, audio and video, all using their smartphone or a web browser. This greatly simplifies the management of the building and its environments, resulting in energy cost reductions of between 15% and 20% and a significantly enhanced user experience.

"Launched five years ago, Trigrr has positioned itself as the pioneer of the Building Operating System in Belgium and is currently experiencing rapid growth, with a presence in 80 buildings in Belgium, Luxembourg, the UK and the USA. Thanks to a unique metalanguage (Editor's note: Trigrr's metalanguage instantly translates all data and protocols from various technologies), our solution is compatible with over 80,000 different devices and technologies, making it a powerful choice for building owners looking to optimise their energy efficiency and comfort," points out Sébastien Degrave, Chief Marketing Officer at Trigrr.

By participating in Orange Fab's dedicated Smart City programme, in collaboration with Paradigm and IRISnet, Trigrr confirms its commitment to digital transformation and the future of smart buildings, offering an easy, interoperable solution for buildings and public spaces.

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