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BeCentral and C_Lab, gateways to the regional IT ecosystem

Located in the centre of the Brussels Region, BeCentral, a Belgian digital campus founded in 2017, has rapidly transformed into an impressive technology ecosystem spanning 8,000 m².

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It brings together a wide range of public and private stakeholders in the digital sector, including FARI, Orange and Google, Bruxelles Formation, Cyberway, Proximus ADA, Ecole 19, CodeNplay; as well as organisations dedicated to promoting new technologies, coding schools and many others. BeCentral plays a central role in boosting collaboration and driving technological progress for the benefit of all.

It is within this impressive ecosystem that Paradigm unveiled its C_lab in April 2023 as an engine for out-of-the-box innovation. Dedicated to co-creation and ideation, the C_lab is a perfect fit for BeCentral's spirit of collaboration.

By encouraging co-creation, it also opens up valuable access to the digital community, offering new prospects for the regional IT ecosystem.l.