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The Brussels Health Network at Digital Spring 2024!

The sharing of health data is a major advancement for digital healthcare in Belgium, with nearly 90% of the population in the Brussels Region having given their consent!

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Through the Brussels Health NetworkExternal link platform, Brussels residents can access their medical information easily and securely, using identification via itsme® or their electronic identity card.

This platform also enables healthcare professionals to share data, facilitating communication among hospitals, GPs, specialists and other healthcare stakeholders. The major advantage? A comprehensive and instantaneous view of patients' health promotes better treatment and more effective follow-up, while enhancing coordination and quality of healthcare.

Do you have any questions about sharing your healthcare data electronically? Would you like to find out how to access your portal and manage your patient area? Then we'll see you on 22 & 23 March!

A dedicated, fun and interactive stand will give you the opportunity to learn everything you've ever wanted to know about the Brussels Health Network. A game with a small gift also awaits.

Three questions for Cécile Palies, Communications Manager at Abrumet*

1. What are the main benefits of the Brussels Health Network for patients?

This platform offers multiple benefits for patients. It allows them to access their health records online, enabling them to consult medical documents such as laboratory reports or consultation notes. What's more, they can take the time they need to understand the medical terms used and easily seek the advice of other healthcare professionals.
In the event of a medical emergency, vital information on the patient's health can be accessed quickly by the emergency teams through a health record summary. This includes essential information on allergies, chronic illnesses or medical history, considerably improving the quality of diagnosis and emergency care.
To guarantee the security and confidentiality of medical data, access to this information is subject to strict conditions. Healthcare professionals can only access it if they are registered with the network and have a therapeutic relationship with the patient, or if they have been granted access authorisation. These measures ensure the utmost security and confidentiality of the medical information.

2. Have you seen any change in the number of shared documents?

There has been significant progress since the Brussels Health Network was created in 2015. Over 78 million documents have already been shared exclusively via this platform, and the upward trend continues. At present, some 16,000 healthcare professionals are connected to the network, although the sharing of healthcare data remains voluntary. This trend shows that sharing health data has now become common practice, with citizens increasingly inclined to participate.

3. Can you tell us more about your participation in Digital Spring?

Of course! Our participation in Digital Spring aims to showcase patients' central role in the management of their health records and data. During the event, we'll be highlighting how patients can take control of their medical records, by managing access, excluding professionals if necessary, or adding trusted individuals. In addition, we'll be organising interactive activities to inform visitors and answer their questions about sharing health data and using our platform. An entertaining photo booth with health-themed props will also be available for those who want to have some fun.

* Abrumet is the Brussels non-profit organisation that manages the Brussels Health Network.

Digital Spring Brussels 2024Opens in new windowExternal link will take place on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March 2024.For this new edition, organized by Paradigm, Digital Spring Brussels will move into Tour & Taxis and once again showcase the best of the Brussels Region's IT ecosystem. To register for this event, click hereOpens in new windowExternal link.

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