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What is the Digital Collage?

Did you know that digital technology emits more greenhouse gases* than the world's entire truck fleet? Did you know that it takes 800 kg of raw materials** to manufacture a 2 kg computer? The Digital Collage is an engaging tool designed to raise awareness of the environmental issues associated with the digital sector among adults and young people alike.

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Inspired by the Climate Collage model, the Digital CollageOpens in new windowExternal link is a workshop that draws on the power of collective intelligence, offering a fun, collaborative approach to understanding the impact of digital uses on society and the planet. Thanks to discussions between participants, this workshop will generate practical solutions and actions aimed at encouraging a transition to a more responsible digital environment.

"Interest in the Digital Collage is growing in Belgium. More than 1,100 people have already been made aware of digital issues and sustainability thanks to this tool. The initiative, which is particularly widespread in the Brussels Region, is currently aiming to expand into Wallonia and Flanders. This workshop is particularly valuable as it raises adults' awareness of the environmental impact of digital technology while providing them with ideas for action. It also raises awareness among young people, who on the one hand face mental health issues such as technology dependency and cyber-bullying, and on the other are the future decision-makers in terms of sustainability," stresses Pascal Rousset, Digital Collage Contact in Belgium.

The Digital Collage offers two formats: a three-hour, four-phase workshop based on a specific card game, and a two-hour junior workshop aimed at secondary school students.

If you would like to take part in a Digital Collage workshop, and perhaps start your journey to becoming a leader, contact Pascal Rousset

* 3 to 4% of GHG emissions, source: ARCEPOpens in new windowExternal link
** Source: ADEMEOpens in new windowExternal link

The eco-friendly laptop rucksack

The "eco-friendly rucksack" of a piece of equipment keeps track of all the natural resources used from the extraction of raw materials to the manufacture of the product.

60% of a computer's environmental impact is caused before its use.

That's why it is important to think about its regular replacement. Second life and reconditioning are solutions that help to limit this impact.

data of the eco-friendly laptop rucksack

Paradigm is a pioneer in Belgium as the first Belgian administration to be awarded the Responsible Digital Technology label.

The Brussels Region is firmly committed to the digital transition, and Responsible Digital Technology has been at the heart of its transformation since 2021. Paradigm, the ICT services orchestrator for the entire Brussels regional public sector ecosystem, has been tasked with coordinating this initiative.

Invested with this mission, Paradigm has set up inter-administration working groups and launched concrete projects aimed at improving digital practices, including awareness-raising actions, extending the lifespan of computers and proposing sustainable purchasing criteria in public procurement contracts. In April 2021, Paradigm joined ISIT (Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT) and signed the Sustainable IT charter, calling for more than 20 Brussels administrations to follow suit.

Building on these achievements, in July 2023 Paradigm became the first Belgian public institution to obtain level 1 of the Responsible Digital Technology label*, marking an important step towards a more responsible and sustainable digital world.

* Managed by Agence LUCIE and awarded after an evaluation by a labelling committee made up of Green IT experts, the Responsible Digital Technology label is an initiative of the French Institute for Sustainable IT, created in partnership with the French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, ADEME (the French Agency for Ecological Transition) and the WWF.

Digital Spring Brussels 2024Opens in new windowExternal link will take place on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March 2024.For this new edition, organized by Paradigm, Digital Spring Brussels will move into Tour & Taxis and once again showcase the best of the Brussels Region's IT ecosystem. To register for this event, click hereOpens in new windowExternal link.

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