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Meet Shayp

This year, Orange has teamed up with IRISnet and Paradigm for the sixth "Orange Fab" accelerator focused on the Smart City. The aim To make public buildings smarter and more environmentally friendly, while preserving user comfort. Three startups won the Pitch Contest in September and have joined the Orange Fab community until March 2024. Having already introduced Builtwins and Trigrr, let's meet Shayp.

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Shayp revolutionises water management for a sustainable future

Opens in new windowShayp is a positive-impact company that offers an innovative solution to water leakage problems. Operating in the field of "SaaS IoT", a domain that leverages software services to simplify the management, monitoring and analysis of IoT data, Shayp uses artificial intelligence to support building managers in efficiently managing water consumption, preventing leaks and, ultimately, achieving substantial savings.

These results are made possible by a hardware solution, in which a non-invasive Plug & Play sensor effortlessly connects to existing water meters, collects consumption data and transfers it to a cloud via an open API interface (a convenient way for different IT systems to easily understand each other and share information). This solution is also compatible with other energy management systems and its fully recyclable hardware is designed to last ten to 15 years. This system detects leaks and malfunctions in plumbing systems in real time and even identifies their nature, such as leaking toilets, faulty water softeners, etc. This innovation enables customers to save around 20% on their water bills, significantly reduce the risk of water damage and optimise plant maintenance. 

"The problem for our customers is the number of undetected leaks and the lack of resources for locating them.At present, our offer is aimed exclusively at the B2B sector, targeting customers such as public entities managing several properties and cities overseeing their municipal infrastructures. It also targets investors and property developers looking to improve their ecological footprint. Our solution uses artificial intelligence to identify water consumption anomalies at an early stage so that building managers can be alerted quickly and take corrective action," explains Grégoire de Hemptinne, Chief Operations Officer at Shayp.

Founded in Brussels, where iconic establishments such as the King Baudouin Stadium, Manneken Pis, ULB, VUB, Iris-Sud Hospital and several City of Brussels buildings have already adopted the technology, Shayp has extended its reach throughout Belgium, as well as to France and the UK, with projects in schools, public buildings and commercial properties.

The company is actively involved in Orange Fab's Smart City programme, in collaboration with Paradigm and IRISnet, strengthening its position in the IoT field and helping to create a more resilient and sustainable society. To date, Shayp has helped save an impressive 12 billion litres of water, equivalent to a 3-4 lane swimming pool stretching from Brussels to Barcelona!

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