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Explore the Responsible Digital world with ISIT

Founded in 2020, the Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT (ISIT) is a non-profit association working for a more responsible digital future.

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To do this, ISITOpens in new windowExternal link is committed to four key areas:

  1. Raising awareness of the challenges of digital responsibility through events and training courses for the general public. 
  2. Support through the provision of tools and resources to help companies and organisations implement a responsible digital approach. 
  3. Research into the challenges of digital responsibility and the best practices for implementing it. 
  4. Influencing the evolution of public policy to support digital responsibility.

ISIT plays a crucial role in Belgium's digital responsibility movement, promoting sustainable, ethical and inclusive practices. Its notable achievements include: 

  • the Responsible Digital Charter, a voluntary commitment for companies and organisations.
  • the development of WeNR, a tool for assessing the digital footprint of organisations.
  • the organisation of flagship events, such as the Digital Cleanup Day.

ISIT is open to everyone and offers partnership and collaboration opportunities for those who want to contribute to this vision.

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