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The price of energy is rising all the time, production using fossil energy is a source of pollution… Faced with an uncertain energy future we have to learn to consume responsibly.

The website of 'Bruxelles Environnement' provides information on legislative textsExternal link and obligations and permitsExternal link in the Brussels-Capital Region and the many challenges facing the population, which needs to consume energy in a more rational way.

If you are looking for advice to help you save energy, have an energy audit done or choose a supplier in the Brussels-Capital Region, contact Homegrade. Homegrade helps Brussels inhabitants to control their energy consumption through the rational energy consumption and the use of renewable energy in the home.

Subsidies for renovating your home are also available to help you significantly reduce your energy bill. Full information about energy subsidies (FR/NL)External link is available from the website of Bruxelles Environnement.

For businesses

Businesses can play a considerable role in successful energy policy by reducing their own consumption. See the Your business and the environment page on this website for a survey of business-oriented environmental measures.

Questions about your gas and electricity supply?

BRUGEL (FR/NL) (BRuxelles Gaz Electricité) is the Brussels energy regulator. BRUGEL can help you find the right energy source and supplier and provide advice on your consumer rights.