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BRUGEL is the energy market regulator for the Brussels-Capital Region for electricity, gas and water price control.

Created on 1 January 2007, BRUGEL regulates and monitors the energy market in the Brussels-Capital Region.

BRUGEL ensures that the distribution network is efficient, accessible and reliable for consumers and producers.

BRUGEL is committed to the safe operation of the market, an intelligent network and vigilant consumer protection. As a regulator, we provide advice to the Government and the parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region and work in close collaboration with all stakeholders in the energy market.

In 2017, BRUGEL saw its competenties broaden and received three new missions concerning the water sector: control of the price of water (establishment of tariff methodologies and approval of tariffs for the sector), approval of terms and conditions and the establishment of a litigation service. BRUGEL also provides advice to public authorities on the operation of the regional water sector.

In order to carry out the various control and advisory missions assigned to it, BRUGEL has chosen to structure its activity around six key businesses:

  • Tariff jurisdiction
  • Socio-Economic Affairs Department
  • Claims Department
  • Promotion of renewable energies
  • Market and Networks Department
  • Legal Department

BRUGEL is independent of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region and is made up of:

  • A Board of Directors, consisting of the Chair and five directors appointed by the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region;
  • A team of advisers and assistants.

BRUGEL also offers the following tools for the consumers: