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Temporary work

A lot of businesses are looking for temporary workers. They may need someone to stand in for a permanent employee for a limited time or extra workers to cope with high workloads in the short term or with special orders. A practical way of getting the people they need is to use a temporary employment agency.

Why temp?

Temps are regularly needed in various sectors, including hospitality, manufacturing, office environments and even special events.
As a jobseeker you can register with a temping agency for lots of different reasons:

  • A lot of young people have their first experience of the job market temping. It’s a great first step.
  • A temping assignment can be a good way of getting your foot in the door. For many, a temporary contract is ultimately converted into a permanent position at the same business.
  • Temping is a way for jobseekers to experience new jobs and sectors, which can help them find their bearings and decide what they really want to do.
  • Others are attracted by the temporary nature of the work and the inherent variety involved in moving from workplace to workplace.


An employment contract is also demanded for temporary work. In this case you have a contract with the temporary employment agency, which “loans” you out to the business in question. Temporary workers basically have the same employment conditions (pay, pension, leave, health insurance) as all other employees.

Temporary employment agencies

Temporary employment agencies are the interface between supply and demand, offering temporary work to jobseekers and a flexible workforce to employers. Remember that you can register with as many of these agencies as you like.

View the External linklist of private temporary agencies recognised by the Brussels-Capital Region (FR/NL) on the website of Brussels Economy and Employment.

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