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Paradigm is helping Viapass achieve its technical objectives

Viapass, the inter-regional governmental agency for coordinating and controlling the kilometre charge system, has enjoyed a fruitful and successful collaboration with Paradigm.

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This success is the result of a partnership that began on 1 April 2016, when Viapass entrusted Paradigm with hosting its IT back-office.

When, in 2020, External linkViapass was looking for a "Big Data" solution to collect and enhance anonymised traffic data, the agency naturally turned to Paradigm, renewing its confidence in Paradigm's management of IT solutions and resources.

The use of the Brussels data platform operated by Paradigm has enabled the development of features for multi-source anonymised data collection, storage, processing and data sharing.

The results are then processed by Viapass, enabling it to fulfil its role of controlling and coordinating the kilometre charge system. As well as these two main missions, additional tools have been developed, with features including the option to model and anticipate usage on the Belgian road network. This makes it possible, for example, to advise infrastructure management agencies on the load and wear on roads, so that they can plan preventive maintenance.

Encouraging the development of a "data" culture at regional level and setting up shared operations has made it possible to achieve the regional objective of economies of scale set out in the POD IT programme. Viapass described the collaboration as "very good, enabling [them] to develop [their] business use cases in a flexible and constructive way". The Viapass teams have provided essential support and been a key resource in this project, and continue to collaborate with the Paradigm teams on defining and implementing the various use cases for Viapass.

Johan Schoups, Managing Director of Viapass, says "The in-house data platform enables us to continuously produce anonymised statistics. The Viapass hub not only meets the Regions' informational needs, but also facilitates connections between future service providers. During the years marked by the pandemic, Viapass was able to regularly supply the Federal Planning Bureau with transport figures, contributing to the development of a barometer of the country's economic activity. Statbel followed shortly afterwards. The new ICT tools have helped Viapass to consolidate its position as the European benchmark for kilometre charging."

Nicolas Locoge, Director-General of Paradigm, emphasised that "this performance is fully in line with the POD IT programme, which aims to structure and pool IT resources and solutions at regional level. This collaboration has enabled Viapass to achieve its objectives, and is also helping to accelerate the digital transformation of the Brussels-Capital Region as effectively as possible. Our teams have done a remarkable job, demonstrating once again their collective operational excellence."