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Actiris is the Brussels Employment Office.
Actiris is the Brussels Employment Office. As such it is tasked with implementing Brussels employment policy and ensuring the proper functioning of the job market in the Brussels-Capital Region. To this end, Actiris provides a wide range of services to businesses and jobseekers.

Actiris provides specialised services to employers and jobseekers in the Brussels-Capital Region by concluding strategic partnerships with job-market providers.

Finding a job

Actiris provides a whole host of services to jobseekers, including the administrative formalities connected with employment both online and at its local branches spread throughout the Brussels-Capital Region:

  • register as a jobseeker;
  • get personal job search support (career plan, CV, interview training);
  • put your CV online and browse vacancies by occupation, region or other criteria;
  • find out about foreign vacancies and possibilities at the Brussels International Jobcentre (BIJOB);
  • get specialised support through the Espaces Ressources Emploi (ERE, job resources centres), the Active Job Search Guidance Service and the Actiris job market discrimination information desk;
  • apply for Actiris ITC, language and training cheques to increase your chances on the job market;

Businesses create jobs

For all these services employers can contact the Actiris Employers Line or visit the Employers section of the Actiris website:

  • Actiris can help employers to establish their candidate profiles and write their job ads;
  • Employers can also share their vacancies with Actiris for distribution to appropriate candidates;
  • Actiris informs employers on matters connected with employment laws, hiring programmes and diversity policy (including the diversity label);
  • Employers can use the services of Actiris to ensure potential employees follow complementary training or language courses.


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Avenue de l'Astronomie 14, 1210 Brussels
(and regional branches)
Jobseekers line: 0800 35 123
Employers line: +32 (0)2 505 79 15
Email: or
Online: (FR/NL)

Legal basis

The Office Régional Bruxellois de l'Emploi (ORBEM) was created by the Special Act of 8 August 1980 of institutional reform (published in Moniteur belge on 15 August 1980).
The organisation and functioning of Office Régional Bruxellois de l'Emploi are regulated by the Order of 18 January 2001 (published in Moniteur belge on 13 April 2001).

Info updated on 2 November 2020

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