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ERDF - obtaining European assistance

ERDF - obtaining European assistance


Europe can also help you set up an economic, environmental and/or social project for the Brussels inhabitants through the aid offered by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is the European Union's financial lever for successfully achieving its cohesion and regional development policy. In other words, the ERDF aims to reduce economic, social and territorial disparities between the 28 Member States of the European Union by co-financing projects designed to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth as defined in the "Europe 2020 Strategy". The ERDF Regulations define 7-year "programming periods" for conducting projects in different European regions, plus 2 or 3 years to finalise these projects if necessary.


Publication of  the new version of the OP 2014-2020 (FR/NL). Owing to several developments the initial Operational ERDF-programme has been modified.  Herewith we communicate, including the modifications :

  • Modification n° 1 principally relates to the creation of an intervention framework for operations aimed at the development of sanitary and social services for vulnerable groups, such as refugees, asylum seekers, undocumented migrants or persons without any administrative status,
  • Modification n° 2 has led to an additional support by ERDF, a new financial equilibrium between the different priority axes, and the splitting up of priority axe 3 (Supporting the development of a circular economy through the rational use of resources in promising industries) into two separate priority axes: one priority axe (axe 3) relating to the low carbon economy and another (axe 3bis) concerning the environment and the rational use of ressources as well as the adaptation of certain realisation indicators (direct results of the projects),
  • Modification n° 3 has resulted in a transfer of certain operations (development of green areas) to priority axe 3bis, the modification of several result indicators (contextual or impact indicators) in favour of more clear indicators, and the modification of the procedure for the selection of new projects in the frame of a specific call for projects.

Publication of annual reports :

Publication of « Appel à projets 2018 "Amélioration de l'efficacité énergétique dans les bâtiments publics" :

Publication of annual Report 2016 (2014-2020) (PDF Format) (FR (2.58MB) / NL (2.67MB)

Online release of the "Citizens’ Summary" (PDF Format)(229KB)

Online release of the SUBSIDY DECREES (FR / NL) relating to the project “Hippodrome renaissance – un espace vert urbain pour tous” (Hippodrome renaissance – an urban green space for everyone), the project “Espace Marco Polo” (Marco Polo Space) and the project “Beer Palace”, the project Manufakture, Casernes, Mediapark and Lagum.

Online release of the SUBSIDY DECREES (FR / NL) for subsidies the Brussels Capital Region has granted to the beneficiaries of projects with regard to the 2014-2020 OP.

The ENVIRONMENTAL DECLARATION (FR / NL) regarding the operational programme EFRD 2014-2020 of the Brussels-Capital Region, linked to the OP 2014-2020 (including the monitoring measures), can now be found online in the section “Programming 2014-2020”.

ERDF SEMINAR on 02/02/2016 Downloadable documents (FR / NL)

Online release of the VADEMECUM 2014-2020OP (FR / NL)

Publication of specifications : BCR/FEDER/Communication PO 2014-2020 062016 / BGC/EFRO/Communicatie OP 2014-2020 062016

Online release of IRISBOX manual (FR/NL)

Online release of: notes de guidances sur simple facture acceptée - nota over OZB met een aanvaarde factuur

Publication of:  Rapport ex-ante des instruments financiers (PDF Format) (1.01MB) - Rapport ex-antebeoordeling-Financiële instrumenten (PDF Format) (1.03 MB)

The ERDF Management and Coordination Unit within the Brussels Regional Public Service

In 2007, the government appointed a brand new unit to manage and coordinate this European fund, which is designed to implement operational programmes and monitor them. The ERDF Unit, supervised by the Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region, acts as a facilitator and an interface between European institutions and regional and local actors, surrounding itself with the expertise of other regional administration services, regional partners, fund beneficiaries and counterparts from other Belgian and European regions.


The ERDF Unit coordinates and monitors the implementation of ERDF operational programmes:

2007-2013 Programme: for more information

  • Presentation
  • Regulatory framework
  • Strategy: Operational Programme 2007-2013
  • Approved projects 2007-2013
  • Project sponsors

2014-2020 Programme: for more information

  • Presentation
  • Regulatory framework
  • Strategy: Operational Programme 2014-2020
  • Selected projects 2014-2020
  • Project sponsors


The ERDF Unit also offers support to Brussels operators interested in the following programmes:


Brussels Regional Public Service
Brussels Regional Coordination ERDF Unit
Coordination: Evi CORNELIS

Communication: Geneviève PLANCHARD
Rue du Progrès, 80 to 1035 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)2 204 17 61
Fax: +32 (0) 2204 15 47

Moor Information

  • Office of the Minister-President of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region
    Site web :
  • For information on ERDF, visit the European Institutions portal