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Online services

Online services of the Brussels-Capital Region
A host of Brussels services are accessible online, by computer, smartphone or mobile

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Open data

Brussels Smart City

Geoportal of the Brussels Region

Increasingly, the public services of the Region and the communes are going online, making your life a whole lot easier.

Among other things, you can apply for a personal document from your commune’s e-government service, plan your journey by bus, tram or metro, browse your local library’s catalogue, fill out a form, submit a complaint or apply for exemption from regional tax.

In this section: (formerly Urbizone) is a free Wi-Fi network covering certain zones of the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region (town halls and squares, train stations, regional government offices,..).
You can view on the online map the access points.

Open data is the Open Data portal of the public services in the Brussels-Capital Region. This portal combines freely accessible and usable data in the areas of mobility, health, the environment, cartography, etc. Public transport (stops, lines, etc.), green spaces, Villo stations and much more data are available through a variety of licenses.

At communal level

The City of Brussels makes its datasets available to everyone via its Open Data portal. This gives you access to hundreds of data on culture, tourism, mobility, municipal facilities,...

Brussels Smart City

The concept of smart city has become a reality in the Brussels-Capital Region. The portal provides access to all the smart solutions and services designed to make life easier for citizens, visitors, workers or businesspeople and transform Brussels a sustainable region.

At communal level

The portal gives a survey of the projects of the City of Brussels as a smart city.

Geoportal of the Brussels Region

You can find on the geoportal of the Brussels Region official geographic data furnished by various Brussels institutions. The portal enables you to create or consult geographic maps and search thematic data and provides a range of cartographic web services offered the Brussels institutions.

Easybrussels - administrative simplification in the Brussels-Capital Region

Easybrussels is the agency responsible for administrative simplification in the Brussels-Capital Region. The goal of Easybrussels is to reduce the administrative burden and simplify the procedures for everyone using public services, whether they are citizens or businesses. Administrative simplification therefore makes it possible to achieve increased efficiency and quality in relations between public services and their users and to meet the needs of today’s society.

At federal level

See also the online services provided by the federal authorities (FR/NL).


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