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Who manages what infrastructure?

Brussels has an extensive infrastructure for mobility: roads, squares, tunnels, bridges, metro, and so on. Depending on their location, their nature or the type of work carried out there, these infrastructures are managed by different actors: Brussels Mobility, the municipal authorities, the STIB (Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company), and so on.

You may need to report a particular road problem:  a road in poor condition, faulty street lights, fallen trees, and so on. Or maybe you have a suggestion for the infrastructure you use for your trips. > first use the Fix My Street application or the website

Road infrastructure

As the case may be, Brussels roads fall under the jurisdiction of the Brussels Region or the municipality in which they are located.

They are in charge of infrastructure works, asphalting, repairs, signage, management of lights, gritting in winter, etc. They are also in charge of parking management, security, specific facilities for pedestrians, persons with reduced mobility (PPE) and bicycles, public lighting, planting, street furniture, etc.

  • For regional roads, contact Brussels Mobility at the free number 0800 94 001.
  • For municipal roads, contact the municipal government of the municipality in which the road is located.

Public transportation infrastructure

  • The development and monitoring of the infrastructures intended for the operation of regional public transport (metro, pre-metro, bus and tram) are managed by Brussels Mobility: structural work, finishing (painting, surfacing), installation of equipment (escalators, electronic signage, elevators) or works of art. These constructions are the property of the Brussels-Capital Region, except for the tracks, which are the responsibility of the STIB (Brussels Public Transport Company).
  • STIB is also in charge of the commercial operation of Brussels Mobility infrastructures.
  • To report a problem or make a suggestion about public transport infrastructures, contact Brussels Mobility at the toll-free number 0800 94 001.
  • The SNCB Group (Belgian Railways) manages the entire Belgian railroad infrastructure and train stations. The SNCB Group is responsible for the management, maintenance, renewal and development of the network, including the railroad infrastructures and train stations in the Brussels Capital Region.