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Community associations and committees

The Brussels Region is officially bilingual because both French and Dutch speakers live there. On the territory of the Brussels Region, each community pursues its own policy on community competences (e.g. culture, education, healthcare, assistance). They have created three specific Brussels Community institutions for this purpose.

A word of explanation

Belgium is a federal state in which there are three Regions and three Communities in addition to the federal level. 

  • The three Regions in Belgium (Flanders, Walloon Region and Brussels-Capital Region) are competent for matters relating to territory (e.g. spatial planning, transport, environment...). 
  • The Communities in Belgium (Flemish Community, French Community and German-speaking Community) are responsible for rather person- and language-related matters (e.g. education, culture, health care, assistance). 

However, two Communities operate on the territory of the Brussels Capital Region: the French Community and the Flemish Community. This called for specific Brussels 'community institutions'. 

Three Community Commissions

To exercise community responsibilities at the Brussels-Capital Region, the following community commissions have been created:

Community action is based upon the principle that there is no 'subnationality'. Residents of the Brussels Region should not be required to choose between one of the two Communities in order to qualify for services from that Community.