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Activité pour les écoles au Printemps Numérique

Digital Spring returns to Tour & Taxis on 22 and 23 March 2024

This free event, inspired by the success of Montreal Digital Spring, offers an opportunity to gain a better understanding of digital technologies. Join us as we get right to the heart of the challenges posed by this revolution, which is impacting, whether directly or indirectly, all sectors of activity. 

This 4th edition promises an experience rich in discoveries, thanks to the participation of over 50 exhibitors and numerous speakers, all IT experts, who will share their expertise to enlighten you on the fascinating world behind the scenes of digital services. 

And, of course, the youngsters won't be left out! Digital Spring is reserving a programme of events and experiences just for them that is as appealing as it is specially designed to feed their boundless curiosity.  

Explore an exciting range of activities, with workshops to raise awareness of the environmental impacts of the digital sector, robotic arm demonstrations, immersive experiences, discoveries of digital professions, awareness of cybersecurity and online scams, eGaming sessions, introductions to coding, and many other exciting attractions! Panel discussions (90 minutes in the morning and 90 minutes in the afternoon) are also scheduled, covering fascinating topics such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, urban mobility, digital professions, and not forgetting climate and technology.  

All this offers youngsters the opportunity to discover, enjoy and have fun with digital technology, with a variety of dedicated stands just for them! All these activities are, of course, free of charge and open to all.  

In order to offer the young people in your classes a personalised experience based on their favourite topics, please let us know, using this form, what subjects they are passionate about and when you plan to take part in this event:  FormOpens in new windowExternal link  

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To give you a taste, here are some of the exhibitors who will be present:

gaming corporation logo
Gaming Corporation Belgium 

Belgium: this non-profit organisation pursues a dual objective: to make Brussels the world's eGaming capital, while introducing young people to the new web professions.
Arts publics logo

A dynamic and innovative socio-cultural association that places various cultural audiences at the heart of its activities, through the training and integration of artists, citizen participation and promotion of the arts for all.
nttrb logo
Never touch the Red Button

A video production and motion design studio that transforms ideas into a clear, aesthetic and understandable video message.
BubbleTech logo
Bubble Tech

A non-profit organisation offering digital support solutions to combat the digital divide and boost the visibility of entrepreneurs. They do this by providing practical training in digital communications, web design, UX design and video.
febelfin logo
Bus Febelfin

The Belgian federation of the financial sector, will be bringing its bus focusing on and raising awareness of smartphone scams.

The Belgian Institute For Sustainable IT, by its full name, is a non-profit organisation working to promote a more responsible digital environment by raising awareness, providing support, carrying out research and having an impact.
MolenGeek logo

Located in the heart of Molenbeek in Brussels, this association's mission is to make the technology sector accessible to anyone wishing to ride the digital wave, whatever their background or level of education.

And many more to come... Stay tuned! 



Le Printemps Numérique Bruxelles 2024 est organisé par paradigm.brusselsExternal link

Pour toute question relative à l’événement, contactez l’équipe communication de Paradigm.

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