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Activities, work, leisure

You are of retirement age and you want to take full advantage of your newfound freedom There are numerous possibilities in leisure, culture, sport and volunteering in Brussels. Let’s go!


Information on leisure, culture, discovery and other activities specially developed for senior citizens is provided on the page devoted to senior citizens in the Culture, tourism and leisure section.

Stay fit and healthy

Do you play sport? Many communes offer special programmes at preferential rates for their senior citizens.

Your commune's sports service will be able to help you.

Learn regardless of your age at the Universités des aînés

If you are interested in following a course, a lecture cycle or training, or attending group exhibitions, the major universities in Belgium offer these activities at a reduced cost for senior citizens. For more information, see the "University courses for all" page on this site.

For Dutch speakers

  • Brussels Ouderenplatform (Senior citizens centre for Dutch speakers in Brussels) offers practical advice, alongside various socio-cultural activities, courses, lectures and outings.

Contact us

Brussels Ouderenplatform (Senior citizens centre for Dutch speakers in Brussels)

Place du Samedi, 6
1000 Brussels

For French speakers

  • The 'Conseil de l’Education Permanente de l’Université Libre de Bruxelles' (CEPULB) runs activities for anyone with the time to learn, without restrictions as to age, qualifications or finances.

Contact us

Conseil de l’Education Permanente de l’Université Libre de Bruxelles (CEPULB)

Avenue F.D. Roosevelt, 50
1050 Brussels
  • The Université des Aînés de Bruxelles (UDA) runs special courses, lectures and seminars for senior citizens.

Contact us

Université des Aînés de Bruxelles (UDA)

Avenue de l'Assomption, 73
1200 Brussels

Give your time

You can also devote a little time and energy to voluntary work and helping others. There are many organisations that would be delighted to hear from you. Check out our pages on the voluntary sector in Brussels.

Working after retirement age

It is perfectly possible for pensioners, or their spouse in the event of a family pension to take a job (FR/NL/DE)External link. The 'Office national des Pensions' website contains comprehensive information on this.

Activities, advantages, rights, associations... 'Bruxelles Social en ligne (FR/NL)' is a rich source of practical information.