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Regional Designated Land Use Plan

The Regional Designated Land Use Plan (French acronym: PRAS) promotes the variety of functions in the constantly evolving Brussels-Capital Region – housing, office space, industry, green spaces, public buildings, trade and shared facilities.

The Regional Designated Land Use Plan (PRAS) was adopted by the Brussels Government in 2001. It determines the general use of the various zones of the Brussels-Capital Region, as well as management of the main highways.

The dedicated PRAS website (FR/NL) is a source of very useful information, including legal requirements and maps showing the Region’s housing, industrial, green and mixed zones.

You can find out the designated use of any location by using the search engine. Office quotas in residential and mixed zones are regularly updated.

The Regional Designated Land Use Plan regulates the possibilities of practising a commercial activity in buildings in the Region, alongside the Private Designated Land Use Plan (PPAS), which covers certain zones.

Good to know

The only businesses allowed in housing zones in the Brussels-Capital Region are small neighbourhood shops. All types of shop, including large specialised shops, are allowed in retail strips, mixed zones, industrial zones and administrative zones.