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Brussels Capital-Region - Homepage helps businesses find sites in the Brussels-Capital Region. It also builds private homes as part of urban renewal projects. targets its services at two groups: businesses and private citizens.

Operating facilities for businesses offers businesses a range of options for setting up in the Region. It manages 25 industrial parks, four research parks and several complexes for businesses that fulfil a number of criteria with regard to employment, activities and added value. also has its own database of office buildings, workshops, warehouses and industrial sites available to buy or rent in the Brussels-Capital Region. These corporate services are part of the Brussels-Capital Region’s economic development policy.

Private housing builds affordable housing for sale to private individuals and families on low incomes. This housing is built as part of urban renewal projects in certain neighbourhoods of the Brussels-Capital Region, generally within the framework of public-private partnerships.

Mixed-use projects: bringing housing and businesses together in the same district carries out complex projects combining subsidised housing, economic areas, community facilities, shops, workshops, schools, hotels and restaurants, cultural areas, medical centres and other facilities within a single multifunctional block to reshape or revitalise a town or district.

The Brussels Regional Development Agency was created by the Order of 20 May 1999 (published in Moniteur belge on 29 July 1999).
Since 2013, the Brussels Regional Development Agency has changed its name to


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