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Public consultations

All citizens are entitled to express their opinion through an association, an ombudsperson or directly to the authorities in question. Some of the ways you can get through to the person you need...

Contact the Brussels Regional Public Service

Almost 1,600 employees, working in six different administrations, in four different locations, manage a whole range of competences in order to offer Brussels citizens and companies a quality service with an eye to sustainable development and our public service's values.

To contact the Brussels Regional Public Service, please fill in the contact form on the website of the BRPS (FR/NL). Moreover, the website will inform you about the workings and news of the BRPS.

Interact with parliamentarians

The Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region is a fully-fledged parliamentary assembly composed of 72 French-speaking elected members and 17 Dutch-speaking elected members. You can contact External linkBrussels parliamentarians (FR/NL) through the Regional Parliament’s website.

For French speakers

If you would like to External linkask a French-speaking member of the Brussels Parliament a question (FR) relating to their area of competence, you can also fill out the form on the website of the External linkBrussels French-speaking Parliament (PFB) (FR).
This website is also a rich source of news and general information about the Parliament.

For Dutch speakers

The e-mailadresses of Dutch-speaking parliamentarians are listed on the External linkAssembly of the Flemish Community Commission website (NL) which provides lots of information on how this institution works and what it does.

Call for projects

Be part of the Smart City Strategy

A Smart City is a city that uses smart, data and technology-based solutions to improve the quality of life for its residents. To achieve this goal, we need to involve citizens, the end users, in the development of these new solutions.

This is exactly what External linkthe citizen participation platform is all about, enabling citizens to propose ideas, vote on and interact with the participatory projects set up by Brussels public actors.