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Municipal elections

The Regions have been responsible for preparing the legislative, regulatory and organisational framework for local elections since 2002. Bruxelles Pouvoirs Locaux provides information and technical support for these elections and ensures that the voting process runs smoothly.

As the organisation of local elections is one of the Region's prerogatives (in execution of the External linkspecial law on institutional reform of 13 July 2001), the regional government entrusts External linkBruxelles Pouvoirs Locaux with the task of preparing and holding municipal elections.

In coordination with the federal level, the Flemish and Walloon Regions, the municipalities and various service providers, the administration carries out a range of tasks related to the many aspects involved in organising elections, including the preparation of the legislative, regulatory and organisational framework, public procurement, communication, technical issues, and support in the municipalities.

The next municipal elections will be held on 13 October 2024.

Bruxelles Pouvoirs Locaux is involved in the drafting and coordination of all the texts governing municipal elections, such as the Brussels Municipal Electoral Code (CECB) and the ordinance on electronic voting, as well as all the regulatory or implementing decrees arising from these two texts.

The administration also issues a number of circulars to provide municipalities with all the information they need, since they are on the front line for the implementation of a range of specific procedures. BPL is also responsible for drafting administrative instructions and providing all the necessary forms to all those involved (at polling stations, in particular).

The administration also supports the Collège Juridictionnel in its mission to validate municipal elections.

In terms of communication, a website specifically dedicated to the municipal elections has also been launched. This site, which is aimed at the different groups likely to be interested in the subject (voters, candidates, polling station members, etc.), contains a range of information relating to the legislation in force, the principles guiding the organisation of the ballot, and the preparation of the elections themselves (calendar, circulars, instructions, forms, etc.).

Further information

Further information about the elections can be found External linkon the website of the Directorate of Elections of the Federal Public Service Home Affairs. On External linkthe website with the Belgian election results, you can find the results of all elections in Belgium since 1848 for the local, regional, federal and European level.

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