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European elections

Members of the European Parliament are elected in the European elections. These are the national representatives of the citizens of all Member States of the European Union. European elections are held every five years.

Belgium has 21 Members of the European Parliament. Unlike the rest of the country, in the Brussels-Capital Region you can vote for the candidates on a list in Dutch or French. More information about the European Parliament can be found External linkon their website, and additional information about the European elections can be External linkfound here.

In Belgium, the elections of the regional parliaments, the Federal Chamber of Representatives and the European Parliament are organised simultaneously every five years

Further information

Further information about the elections can be found External linkon the website of the Directorate of Elections of the Federal Public Service Home Affairs. On External linkthe website with the Belgian election results, you can find the results of all elections in Belgium since 1848 for the local, regional, federal and European level.

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